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“Great learning experience. You can for sure get the expected Bands. Only condition to join the coaching class, is to have Dedication and Patience.”

 Rekin Gabani

“Before joining the class I was a novice in IELTS. I had to start from the beginning. I was fortunate enough to get my required express entry scores for Canada, in the first attempt itself, at Goshine. Due to my high score in IELTS, my file process become easy. I thank Satyajit Sir, for preparing me for IELTS in a friendly and firm manner.”

Sandeep Munjpara

“Sir was always available to guide me to prepare better for my weakest sections, and gave me valuable feedback on my performance, based on the regular practice tests in the class.”

 Anjali Bhardwaj

“Had a great experience under Satyajit Sir. His method of coaching is efficient, and guarantees good result.”

Rajinder Singh

“Great coaching and expert guidance. Got my 7 bands within just 3 weeks, with super ease. Great techniques and control”

 Deep Patel

“If you want someone, who can give personal attention towards you. Just call Satyajit Sir. I am sure you will definitely get the required band score if you consistently follow the instructions from him.”

 Krunal Modi

“Good personal coaching. Complete focus on each and every student, and maintains progress report to keep you updated. Helped overcome every issue related to IELTS as far as coaching is concerned, and provided excellent results through encouraging students, and by using different practice methods.”

 Ajay Vaghela

“The only class I have been regular till date, which proves how good it is. If you have low confidence then he is the best tutor, he boosts our thought of giving IELTS, till the exam date. He will give samples to practice according to the areas of improvement. If you are feeling upset, then he gives us some time to relax, and then practice starts. I am really happy with my scores and the credit goes to him. Thanks.”


“He is the best tutor one can have for IELTS. I live in the USA, and I had no one to guide me for IELTS. I was stuck at 6.5 in writing but fortunately I found Satyajit Sir, and achieved 7.5 in writing, with his guidance. He won’t just teach or guide you, but also motivates and encourages you. I am truly grateful for all his help and support.”

 Khushbu Patel

“I was a student of IELTS with Satyajit Sir. He not only gave me all the attention and guidance but also planned out an effective schedule for me, to get a good score in my IELTS exam, in very less time. I am glad that I scored 7 bands in IELTS due to him.”

 Khushboo Parekh

“Best coaching classes amongst all. My grammar, listening, reading, speaking and writing improved and I got extremely good scores”

Reyena Christian

“It was a lovely experience, couldn’t have asked for anything better. Satyajit Sir was always there to help whenever I needed him, he provided all the materials and he knows what he is doing, He understands, each student is different and works according to the student’s capabilities. He is very friendly; we are still in touch and remember some very good moments. I scored 7.5 bands in like a month, he made it a easy ride of what I thought will be tough, when I started planning about IELTS. He even helped me after I cleared IELTS in my college entrance exam, just go. You wont regret.”

Saksham Sobti

“No need to go anywhere for IELTS. Just join Sir. He is the best.”

Gunjan G

“Sir is the best; he is the only reason that I scored 8 bands. He has helped me fulfill my dream to settle in Canada.”

Vishal Shah

“He has very deep knowledge about English language and good teaching skill. The best thing is, he can modify teaching level as per the student’s requirement. So, it was a wonderful experience for me.”

Harshit Dave

“It has been a great experience for me to learn under Satyajit Sir. I liked his teaching method. Moreover, he arranges time according to our convenience. Also his nature is very friendly and never brought any pressure on me or any students which is the most important thing about him. I succeeded in IELTS through his guidance and hard work.”

Modi Chirag

“Satyajit Sir, helped me get my IELTS score for Australia. He is the best teacher, who identified my problem areas to help me achieve my scores. Without him I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dream of going to Australia.”

Mona B

“You have a unique technique to teach, which enables students get more confidence.”

Aplesh Makwana

‘‘The Best Personalized Coaching. I would definitely recommend this IELTS class, as the teaching technique is excellent and Sir has a wealth of knowledge in the English Language, and is always ready to help. I would like to thank Satyajit Sir’s coaching.”

Farhin Ajmeri

“It is because of Satyajit Sir’s personal coaching and his relentless efforts, and motivation, I have scored 7 bands in IELTS. Unique and interactive speaking sessions and extensive exercise of all modules helps to achieve target. Apart from that flexible timing gave lot of ease to study along with work.”

Bhavsar Prashant

“Simple, straight and even sparkling short way to achieve your bands leads us to Satyajit Sir. So, don’t get stuck in traffic, just choose the best way.”

 Dipak Anand

“Sir is very experience and knowledgeable. He has always been patient and supportive towards students. I am thankful to him for helping me to get my desired scores in IELTS and improve my language. His positive attitude towards work is Appreciable.”

Neha Sharma

“I had a wonderful experience while studying with Satyajit Sir. He helped me overcome my weakness. Thank you, Sir for motivating me every day. I am living my dream because of you.”

 Khushboo Bhavsar

“I had a great experience with Satyajit Sir. You have a rare ability that only few teachers have, you can teach a person within His or Her own comfort zone, which I liked the most. I am glad I joined you.”

Krunal Chaudhary

“Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices now, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught, by an inspirational teacher like you. It is difficult to forget your inspirational words and overlook your motivational advice. It is difficult to realize the patience you have while dealing with us. Thank you for being there,”

Nimesh Kedar

‘For me, alternative of English language is Satyajit Sir. Just one word is enough – Fabulous.”

 Ajaysinh Kumpavat

“After attempting IELTS for a number of times with various coaching classes, I finally got my desired scores with Satyajit Sir. An increase in 1.5 bands was impossible in one month, that’s what everyone told me. Thank you, Satyajit Sir.

 Avinash Patel

“Thank you, Satyajit Sir for helping me fulfill my dream of going abroad for further studies.”

Anil Malhotra

“It was Satyajit Sir who motivated and pushed me to get 7 bands. I cant believe that I got 7 bands in the first attempt, and that too in 3 months.”

Twinkle Chaudhary

“Sir has got a unique approach to teaching every student to achieve our required IELTS bands. I would never have achieved my scores if it wasn’t for Satyajit Sir.”

 Jai Jeswani

“I would never have imagined that even I could score 7 bands. It is only because of Satyajit Sir’s belief in me that I was able to get the scores.”

 Anand Trivedi

“The best coaching class.”

Purshattam Shinde

“The first time I met Sir, he gave me the confidence that I could score. Thanks to him I have fulfilled my dream.”

 Mittal K

“Due to my work, I was not able to attend at regular times. Satyajit Sir went out of the way to give me special slot. He is the reason I could get my 8,7,7,7.”

Hardik Sharma

“After 5 attempts I had almost given up, I was not able to score above 5.5 bands. Satyajit Sir said that he will help me. I got 7 bands only because of him.”

 Sanket Patel

“Sir is the best. He makes his own design to teach according to the student. I got my 6.5 bands each in the first attempt.”

Jerry K.

“Sir’s only focus is to help his students get the required band. He will go out of the way for that. I got my express entry scores 8,7,7,7 only because of him.”

Leena Rathod  

“I was not sure if I could get 6 bands to go to Australia. Satyajit Sir convinced me to give complete focus. I was able to get 6.5 bands in first attempt. Thank you sir”

Harshid Dave

“I came to Satyajit Sir after attempting 6 times on my own. Satyajit Sir helped me get 7 bands in writing in one month.”

 Priyanka Goswami

“Sir is very knowledgeable and experienced. I got 8.5 Bands With just 4 months of training, and that too in my first attempt. I still can’t believe that I am migrating to Australia.”

Soni Suri

“It was a fabulous experience with Satyajit Sir. He provided all the coaching material. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Thanks to sir I am able to study in Canada. Thank you Sir for everything.”

Leena Rathod  

“Sir’s only focus is to help his students get the required band. He will go out of the way for that. I got my express entry scores 8,7,7,7 only because of him.”

Bhumi Patel

“The most amazing teacher I ever had. Sir helped me get 8 bands. He takes special care on individual growth and builds confidence.”


“After leaving studies for 8 years, I didn’t have the confidence of clearing IELTS. It was Satyajit Sir who motivated me, and pushed me to try. He is the reason I was able to fulfill my dream.”

Kishan Makwana

“The only reason I was able to get 8 bands was because of Satyajit Sir’s personal attention. He makes it a point to give his 100 percent to every student.”

C Shah

"Excellent teaching style and helpful for student to improve their skill"

"If you really want to pass the exam with total ease and proper guidance Go shine Academy is the right place to achieve your desired bands. My experience of study with Satyajit sir was amazing from the day one he helped me to develop my skills in all 4 modules as well as he inspired me to overcome all the obstacles in reading and writing . I highly recommend this academy to all the students who want to crack the IELTS in no time. I changed two institutions for IELTS as I didn’t find any good faculty who can teach and guide me personally but my search was completed when I fond this academy. I got my desired score in just 27 days all credit goes to Satyajit sir. Academy has flexible timings and precise teaching methods; personal attention will be given to every students."

"I had the best experience with Sir. He was with me guiding and pushing me at every step to reach my goal. Goshine Academy is the best place to train, if you want your desired scores."

Nirvish Gor

"Goshine Academy is the right place where you can get confidence to achieve your desired IELTS score. It is the place where you learn best strategies. Sir is Very supportive, friendly and hard-working, he only believes in creating success stories and for that he always put his best efforts. I must recommend Goshine Academy."

"I believe that " your search ends here, this class can be a fabulous threshold of your career.
what I like the most about Goshine is their work ethics, they constantly focus on the individual, even in their online classes."

"This is the place where you get your IELTS score easily. Just follow the instructions and strategies which given by Satyajit sir.
Let's talk about sir, he is the best person with golden heart. The way he supports and guide you nobody can do that. He only believes in hard work and put his all efforts to get best
score. I must recommend Goshine Academy. Thank You, Sir."

"It was really amazing experience to studied with Satyajit sir. He understands the capability for student, and teach based on that. Even in online class he is taking care of each and every student. I learned a lot throughout the course, also enjoyed."

"It has been really great experience. The way sir individually focus on each student is the key to success."

"Before joining GoShine classes I had given IELTS exam more than 3 times and every time I only got 6 band, which wasn't enough but then one of my friends suggested, that I join Satyajit Sir's classes, and now I got 7 bands. He is the best IELTS teacher I have ever met. Satyajit sir has a very friendly nature and he helped me in each and every way to get my desired score. I would be really happy to recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you, Sir."

"Excellent coaching classes with one-to-one teaching experience with highly qualified faculty."

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